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****n Metcalfe Verified Purchase
Fit my laptop and has been a great source of energy to use.
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****enry Verified Purchase
Battery life is extended now so I don’t have to keep plugging in the computer wherever I choose to use it.
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****Conway Verified Purchase
Can't speak on battery life right now but kudos on ease of install and value. It was a pleasure.
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****Lloyd Verified Purchase
This battery destroy my laptop's motherboard. I will not buy this kind of battery.
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**** Atkinson Verified Purchase
The value was great but the tools weren’t right. Really struggled to get screws out of old battery. Wish they included more sizes like the other sellers. But it worked right away. Time will tell.
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**** Frost Verified Purchase
At first thought battery was not charging however after closer examination battery charged and held charge fine. So I’m very satisfied. Good product great price
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****Davis Verified Purchase
Purchased this battery in February 2023, by September my laptop was acting funny and not fully charging while plugged in. Checked the internet, followed directions and took battery out of laptop, pushed the start button for 10-15 seconds, plugged in the power and then restarted. Laptop worked fine so the indication was that the battery was defective. Ordered a new battery and now all is good. Too bad it only lasted seven months, not a good deal:(
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****ucker Verified Purchase
I got 12 hours out of this watching movies and surfing the net after I fully charged it. I well wait until it is down to 5% before I recharge and hope that I can get at least 6 months before it starts to weaken.... so far best ever but its only been a few days...
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****as Houghton Verified Purchase
This battery freezes up my starting screen every time I turn my laptop on. I have to take the battery out and restart in order for it to work. And even when it works it freezes a lot. Not worth it!
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**** Vincent Verified Purchase
thamks for the fast product glad to use your service
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